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Security Guarding Services are not new, but our approach is. We have crafted this service to raise standards in the UK security guarding industry through innovation, employee development, customer service and technology.  Welcome to Si4 Specialist Security.

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Why you should partner with Si4 Specialist Security;

Si4 Specialist Security was designed to offer businesses an alternative to ‘typical’ manned guarding in the UK. We hire and develop Security Personnel for any business that requires more than just a person in a uniform, with an SIA security license.

Si4 believe that the most critical attribute of Security Personnel is how they think, engage and respond to situations and influence behaviors in others. In most front line security roles, Customer Service and Conflict Management are the critical duties that define their success, so we believe that simply holding an SIA license cannot be qualification enough. Therefore, Si4 offer our Clients a selection of external courses to each of their SSO, such as BTEC Diplomas in Customer Service, Conflict Management, CCTV Management and Security Leadership.

As a forward thinking Security business we also embrace guard management platforms and technology, which enable us, and our Clients to create efficiencies in processes, policy and performance and measure the success of their security investments.

What makes Si4 different;


Our Specialist Security Operatives (SSO), are highly experienced professionals. We don’t call them ‘Security Guards’ – because they are not Security Guards. Each SSO is specifically and directly recruited, trained and accredited to the standard and expectation of each individual Client, as we believe that no business is the same as another, and neither is each SSO.

Training, Licensing & Accreditation

We encourage every customer to select the training and accreditations that they desire their team to obtain, from within our Training Portfolio. We then fully develop and accredit each SSO to the standard required to protect their People, Property and Assets before they even begin their new role. Our Clients can chose an unlimited selection of BTEC Level 3/4 Diplomas in a variety of security topics and role-specific courses such as Customer Service, Security Management and more.

Background & Screening

Every employee of Si4 Group is subject to screening in compliance with BS7858 standards.


Our Leadership team are all seasoned industry experts who build passionate, effective and engaged teams across any sector, in line with our own ‘Si4 Leadership Behaviours.’


We are committed to being imaginative and forward-thinking in everything we do at Si4, constantly exploring new ways to provide services that evolve and adapt with every contract. We are passionate about innovation and technology, implementing guard management platforms to monitor and celebrate our teams effectiveness.

Quality & Culture

We place People before Profit.

Therefore we reward each SSO an industry-leading wage, and benefits package, whilst expecting an industry-leading service in return. We invest in the continuous training and development of every SSO, and expect that they invest in every one of our clients too.  We want to hire and develop the best people in our industry, and the best people only want to work for the best companies. The future is Si4.

Some of the Sectors we cover

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Distribution / Warehouse
  • Corporate Office / Reception Management
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • High-Risk Asset Protection
  • Residential
  • Construction & Engineering

Call us today to discuss your security requirements: 0800 999 3304

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