Outsourcing / Co-sourcing

Si4 Loss Prevention offer a unique Outsourcing and Co-Sourcing partnership, to enable businesses across the UK to benefit from the expertise of genuine industry specialists, within the budget and framework they require.

Fully ‘Outsourcing’ the strategic and operational responsibility, is usually the preferred solution for clients who have no existing loss prevention infrastructure. A client that has in-house loss prevention resource can choose our ‘Co-sourced’ partnership positioned to optimise and assist their existing loss prevention expertise, with project management and operational assistance as required.

Si4 Loss Prevention opens unlimited access to our elite team of industry experts, each with specialised skill sets that might otherwise be expensive and difficult to attract and retain. Clients gain access to our consultants’ depth of experience and benefit from attaining these services at rates well below the cost of maintaining a traditional proprietary loss prevention department.

It may be that you require a loss prevention analyst to develop your exception reporting and identify trends in financial systems. Perhaps a team of field based regional loss prevention managers are required to conduct site audits, investigations and implement processes and controls to mitigate losses before reporting back to your business leaders.

Si4 can even source a strategic level loss prevention director or head of department to design, develop and embed a strategic framework that enhances your business culture and profitability.

We build the Partnership around you.

By Outsourcing or Co-Sourcing Loss Prevention or Security experts through Si4 Loss Prevention, our clients are free from heavy specialist recruitment fees, HR responsibility, team leadership and other liabilities and costs such as Company Cars, Laptops and expenses.

Loss Prevention with limitations.

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